Friday, 19 May 2017

Thought Shared With DPS Students


The thought below I shared in the Facebook group DIVISIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL.
"I did Matric from DPS in 1985. I am senior to many members in this group. There are some boys who keep sharing pics of porn stars and posts on topic of porn. If you want to ask me how you can protect yourself from porn then inbox me for help through discussion. I am available for you (but only boys). We are here in this world for a very short time (though it seems very long). Real life starts after death. So we have to strive in this life in the way of ALLAH even if we commit sins. ALLAH does not require us to be perfect (as we can never be perfect). He only requires us to strive in His way (strive means making efforts). May ALLAH grant all of us strength of 'emaan' - Aameen"
- Syed Roman Ahsan.

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