Monday, 22 May 2017

The Coming of the Great Imam


— Imam Mahdi Akhir Uz Zaman (as) is the one who will fill the Earth with Justice just as it was filled with injustice & tyranny before. He will be the descendant of our dear Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) born in End times. His appearance could be very close but only God (ALLAH) knows best.

Both Sunnis and Shias believe in coming of Imam Mahdi (as) but there is difference in interpretations. Sunnis believe he will be born in End times while Shias believe he is in occultation since 1300 years. Hence we should learn about the coming of the Great Imam and the associated events. Personally we believe he will be born in the period before End times and then take command of the Muslim World as prophesized in Sahih Ahadith (sayings of our dear Prophet pbuh).

- S Roman Ahsan.

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