Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Black Abaya Controversy


Yesterday, I shared a post on Facebook on prohibition of 'Riba' (interest) and wearing of a Black Abaya (which is different from Burqa) by Muslim women in relation to 'True Islam' and someone asked me where is it quoted in Holy Qur'an about wearing a Black Abaya. Thus I narrated two verses from Holy Qur'an which give direction in this sensitive matter to us (Please check link: . Now, the point is that if a Muslim woman does not wear an Abaya but wears a modest dress otherwise which covers her properly, then it does not mean she will not qualify for paradise. In the end, only Almighty ALLAH will judge us and He has the only authority to grant leniency to someone while being strict with others. Still, if a Muslimah wears an Abaya and is striving to fulfill her obligations to both Allah and people around her and her heart is free of jealousy, hatred and pride, then in general she knows the path to salvation in the hereafter. In ultimate conclusion, wearing a Black Abaya (either with or without Niqab) is certainly not an 'extreme act' and fulfills the criteria of 'True Islam'. As for men, they have to respect a woman regardless of what she wears and if she is clad in less clothes, it does not mean they should take advantage of her and harass her.

- Syed Roman Ahsan.

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