Friday, 27 March 2015

Saudia, Yemen & Pakistan

SAUDIA, YEMEN & PAKISTAN - SYNOPSIS - Pakistan should stay away from siding with Saudi Arabia by sending its forces even if the latter wants to only eliminate terrorists from Yemen. The Muslim world did not unite against Israel when Gaza was invaded last year and Pakistan did not do anything against NATO forces when they attacked Afghanistan in 2001. We should focus our attention on our Northern and Eastern borders (along India) apart from formulating national strategies on how to build a block with countries that carry relative harmless design against the outer world and de-link ourselves from US government (not US people, these are two different things). 

Next, we should adopt every possible measure to make Pakistan a truly Islamic welfare state by implementing Shariah under the "true" model of Khilafah as outlined in Islam and as one of the major obligations of Islam to bring Almighty ALLAH (swt) on our side, in sha ALLAH. If we want to save ourselves from Talibanization, then we need to go for Islamisation in all spheres of state, social, political and economic. If we lack enough role models for Islam, then let's make efforts to become good role-model ourselves. "Islam is perfect, the Muslims are not, please don't get confused." Be afraid of ALLAH (swt) only and believe in the sanctity of Islam and supremacy of One and Only Creator.

We should not hate Saudi Arabia as Makkah and Madinah are there. We should only hate the monarchy there but even then we should not forget about King Faisal who was different from the rest and that is why he was martyred.

- S Roman Ahsan - March 27, 2015

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