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"Shab-e-Jummah" & Protection Doc - Mar19, 2015

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of ALLAH, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


"SHAB-E-JUMMAH" - 19 March, 2015 / 28 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1436

[Please download PROTECTION' document with relevant Ahadith & Qur'anic Verses from top left corner of this link:]

- It is the dream of the Zionist Dajjal  (Anti-Christ) system to entrap & enslave mankind. It is the duty of the Muslim Ummah to prepare for the tough times ahead, spiritually, mentally & physically.

- The glitter of modern day technological advancement and media trends has blinded many a people in these times. They are unable to perceive the truth and that is the 'lure' of the Anti-Christ along with Capitalist theories. It is true that today there is existence of many conspiracy theories also but let's ask ALLAH for 'hidayat' (guidance). 

- We should continue to serve in our respective fields with sincerity and dedication because we don't know the exact time of happening of events. But it is worthwhile to add a little extra concern to our beings instead of ignoring the 'signs of times'.

- Extremist groups like TTP and ISIS funded by imperial powers have created doubts in the minds of an average Muslim about Islam. The Muslim groups which are engaged in 'honest resistance' have also been labelled as "terrorists" by the cunning forerunners of the Anti-Christ.

- Some of the measures of protection (against the system of Anti-Christ) apart from Salah & other components of emaan are:

1-  Reciting entire Surah Al-Kahf (No. 18) every Jummah without fail (starts after maghrib Thursday & ends before maghrib Friday). It is generally better to recite it on Shab-e-Jummah (Thursday Night) since we are usually occupied with work on Friday

"Whoever recites Surah Al-Kahf on Jumm'ah, a Noor will shine for him/her until the following Jumm'ah." (Nasai, Bayhaqi, hakim).

2-  Memorizing first 10 verses (ayah) of Surah Al-Kahf and pondering over them (at some places it is written about last 10 verses). Surah Al-Kahf has its significance due to the mention of 6  (at other places it is mention 4, please verify) kinds of trials Anti-Christ (Dajjal) will put to the mankind though there is no mention of Dajjal in the Surah.

3-  We should try to recite Qur’an with a good translation also otherwise in routine (same for Surah Al-Kahf). It is urged to seek lessons on 'Tajwid' (reciting Qur'an with right Arabic pronunciation). 

Without right pronunciation, Surah Al-Kahf might not act as shield for us. Assistance should be sought from someone who can give good 'Tajwid's lessons, at least for Surah Al-Kahf. It is never too late to learn anything! - A RELATED POST:

4- A key weapon for a Momin or Momina is 'TAQWA' and that's where we need to check our media viewing habits. In any case, the Holy Qur'an motivates us to prepare ourselves for hereafter i.e. to live this life as if we are preparing for an eternal life or at least trying to. 

We will only be asked about how much 'effort' we made in the way of ALLAH as we cannot be angels. But we have to try our best as only those with strong faith will remain safe from the trials of Anti-Christ which are already upon us. Bring ALLAH's help on your side by engaging in good deeds like going out of your way to help the poor/needy also.

'Conservatism' and spending time with righteous Muslims could be helpful not to forget 'humility', learning Islam from senior scholars of Islam, frequenting Masjid for regular prayers (apart from Jumm'ah), holding/attending religious gatherings etc. Surah Al-Asr gives much guidance to Muslims.

May ALLAH keep all of us on the right track - Aameen.

S Roman Ahsan.

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