Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Walk In Winter


A walk is always worthwhile in the park, nobody would deny. At last, after a gap of 20-25 days, I got a chance this evening to take a walk in Model Town Park. The only reason I was unable to go for a walk all these days is that someone has to be with our mother at home since we never leave her alone now. Previously, my sisters would help me out by visiting us and hence I would get some time to proceed to the park in afternoon.

Shades of winter are slowly leaving and sunset now occurs after 5:30 pm. Finally, today the man took off after serving tea to both parents. His aim was to take a round of the park and then offer Maghrib Salah (evening prayer) afterwards. However, when he reached the entrance of park, the call to prayer (Azaan) was already being given. Hence, he parked his bike (not really Harley Davidson) in the parking slot of the adjacent Mosque and offered the prayer in congregation with others which was always a soothing experience for him. Afterwards, the man proceeded to park.

Model Town Park is not just another usual hangout place. It is a treasure full with nature's gifts. Even after sunset, it has a certain beauty to offer. Model Town Park has a round jogger's track which encircles the whole area of the park with trees on both sides. The park was established in 1980s and before that there was just a rough ground there. However, when it was converted to park, it automatically inherited the trees in that area which were there since decades.

It was semi-dark when I started my walk and the sky was turning dark blue. Light-poles did not leave us unattended as is the case with every park now. The air was rich with the sounds of birds going back to rest in their nests. It was not cold on the track in the open on eve of January 31 and in fact quite pleasant.

I just walked at a medium pace enjoying the newness of the scene. Many people were taking a walk or jog on the same track. In the mid of track, there are two beautiful wooden cottages illuminated with light-bulbs and open windows. Park-goers can sit inside and have a chat. In addition, there are benches of course also everywhere apart from a cafeteria and a pond where visitors can paddle boats.

My walk ended and so does the cold month of January. I hope to see more of Model Town Park this year in sha Allah, one of my favourite places since the 1980s.

- by S Roman Ahsan.

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