Saturday, 18 February 2017

Not Passionate About "Today's Cricket"


Spiritual people are not really passionate about wasteful activities. That includes the sport of Cricket in Pakistan in current times though they don't oppose it either. In previous times, before the 1990s, Cricket was gentleman's sport in Pakistan. White shirts and trousers were the dress for a cricketer the world over. The audience used to behave well and there were no associated wasteful activities with Cricket.

The situation has changed a lot now. We have a little too much glamour and opening ceremonies which account for excessive waste of time and expenditure. And all this is increasingly becoming liberal.

Unfortunately, the race is on to keep up with the international standards and events.

Whether Pakistan wins or loses in these cricket matches is of little importance to Spiritual people of Pakistan though they are as much patriotic as others.

What matters to them based on Islamic teachings is how much the citizens of nation are incorporating Islam in their lives. Unfortunately, the overall situation is pathetic at the moment.

- Syed Roman Ahsan.

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