Friday, 17 February 2017

Fighting Terrorism in Pakistan with good governance?

A Pakistani celebrity-turned-analyst said that Iran also has border with Afghanistan but there are no terrorist attacks in Iran because there is good governance in Iran and hence optimum security measures. He highlighted that Pakistan needs to have good governance primarily, which means an efficient government.

While we do need a good government but there are no terrorist strikes in Iran because Iran does not have a strategic geographical location in Asia compared to Pakistan, if we consider from the point of interest of the "imperialists". The terrorist attacks in Pakistan have been basically to destabilize the country and to break it into pieces since the troika of US-Israel-India have a common interest in doing so.

Scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein has said many times that Israel wants to wage a big war in Middle East after which the geographical boundaries of Israel will extend manifold and it will become the ruling state of the world after USA, the dream of GREATER ISRAEL. However, the only significant threat Israel faces is from Pakistan, as it is the only Muslim country which has Nuclear Weapons.

Hence, their aim has been to first destabilize Pakistan and then take away its Nuclear Weapons afterwards letting India take over the charge of Pakistan (God forbid) before initiating a big war in Middle East. So far, they have been unsuccessful in doing so in the last 15 years or so.

Also, with CPEC, India has become more envious of Pakistan. One can easily connect the dots.

Pakistan needs good governance certainly but we need to change ourselves also. Please check this article of mine on terrorism in Pakistan published in DAILY TIMES (BOSS SECTION) in 2010, "OF HEAVEN, FIRE AND BLOOD" -

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