Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Every So-Called Liberal Is A Facilitator Of Terrorism In Pakistan

Echoes of the Heart--15-02-2017

by: Ghulam Akbar

Every So-Called Liberal Who Talks Of Friendship With India Is A Facilitator Of Terrorism In Pakistan

Suicide bombing around Punjab Assembly Lahore is a reminder to every sensible patriot of the country that we have a soulless, barbaric and treacherous enemy in our neighbourhood that wouldn’t stop at any limit in its avowed and endeared goal to hit at the roots of our existence, and to subvert peace and stability in our society. Whenever and wherever there is a deadly act of terrorism in any part of our country the monstrous face of this enemy passes before my vision, and I can’t help asking myself why our businessman-prime minister doesn’t wake upto this bitter realization.

It goes without saying that the immediate objective behind the current act of barbarism in Lahore is to ensure that the declared objective of the PCB to have the final of the PSL played in this city be frustrated. Precisely why Najam Sethi the pro-India Chairman of the PSL too has been compelled to announce that, irrespective of whether or not the foreign players come to Lahore, the final will be played here with local players as scheduled.

This is an admission on the part of the PSL Chairman that those who have ‘vested’ interest in subverting the scheduled final of the PSL are involved in the suicide bombing.

Time has come to shoot down the US-India-sponsored narrative that terrorism in Pakistan is outcome of the ‘flowering’ culture of Islamic extremism…

The seeds of this narrative were beginning to get sown long before the notorious 9/11 occurred. These ‘seeds’ were the offspring of the Neocon strategy to associate the name of Islam with terrorism. This strategy had mainly two objectives (a) to sabotage the freedom struggles in Palestine and Kashmir & (b) to prepare ground for an assault on Islam on the “MADARRASA-EXTREMISM-FUNDAMENTALISM” theme.

That strategy has worked. So much so that the governments and leaders of Muslim countries too use the term EXTREMISM (related to Islam) in the context of terrorism.

As for ‘terrorists’, they are not hard to be hired, acquired, trained, brainwashed and put into action through well-entrenched facilitators.

In my view anyone in Pakistan who talks of friendship or cordial relations with MODI’s India is a facilitator of terrorism against our society and country.

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