Monday, 20 February 2017

Mending A Broken Heart


Al-Isrā Wal Mi'rāj ❤️

Once Sāyyida A'isha رضي الله عنها
Was Given The Opportunity To Ask Beloved Rāsul'Allāh ﷺ Anything Her Heart Desired

She Asked Beloved Rāsul'Allāh ﷺ To Share Something From The Greatest Nights In History Al-Isrā Wal Mi'rāj

To Which Rāsul'AllāhSpoke Of.....

Allāh Sūbhana Wa Ta'Ala Mentioned To His Beloved That From Your Ummāh If A Person Mends A Heart That Has Been Broken, He Will Be Entered Into Jannāh Without Being Questioned (Subhan'Allāh)

However Let Us Not Forgot It Was Also Said, Breaking Someone's Heart Is An Act Which Can Take You To Hellfire (Allāh Hu Akbār)

Aspire To Become Amongst Those That Heal A Broken Heart, Not Amongst Those Who Break Them ❤️

For You Never Know Which One Good Deed Will Take You To Jannāh Or Which One Bad Deed To Jahanūm 💔

FROM FACEBOOK PAGE: Hazrat Maulana Abdurahman JAMI - Rehmatullah Alahy


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