Sunday, 19 February 2017

The best defense


The best defense against evil men is good men who are skilled at violence.

Evil predators do not think like the average person. Most people can't even grasp the way their minds work or how they could possibly do the horrible things that these predators do. This simple fact gives the predators an advantage over most people.

Pacifists state that you must simply love these people because they are merely doing the best that they can do. To them, there is never any acceptable reason for violence. Well, I have news for people who think this way – predators are not doing the best that they can do, and they don't care. Predators only respect strength, not philosophy or love.

The best defense, and many times the only defense, against these predators, is good, brave men, who are skilled at violence. These are the men, and women, who will step up and do what must be done to stop these kinds of people. They are the warriors. They are those who have the courage to do what most others do not have the intestinal fortitude to stomach.

Being good at violence does not mean that you are some uncouth brute. It simply means that you have had the training to be both skilled at doing what it takes to stop these predators, and trained to understand when you must use those skills.

Violence is violence, period. There are some martial artists and martial arts writers who try to make a science out of violence. That is just silly. Violence is simply causing injury to someone to achieve your desired outcome. In the case of the warrior, it is used to protect himself and those he or she loves. Bohdi Sanders ~ excerpt from the NEW BOOK, The Warrior Ethos

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