Saturday, 27 June 2015

Don't be afraid to offend

Don't be afraid to offend

He who dares not offend, cannot be honest. Thomas Paine

Political correctness is a misguided attempt to never offend anyone, over anything. Those people who try to walk the politically correct line, have a list of words they can't say and a list of approved terms that is acceptable, and both lists are constantly growing.

They basically stand for nothing at all, because standing firm on anything will undoubtedly offend someone, somewhere; so in their minds, there is no absolute right or wrong, only personally perceptions and beliefs.

Warriors see things a little differently. A warrior's concerns are not about whether or not someone gets offended, but about right and wrong. The warrior stands firm concerning his beliefs, and allows others to do the same. He (or she) doesn't try to be abrasive or offensive, but if others are offended by his beliefs, or what he holds dear, so be it. He is not going to walk on glass in order to please the delicate sensitivities of those who can't handle the truth.

The warrior refuses to lower his standards because others have lower standards. He (or she) lives by his own set of standards, independent of how others live or what others believe. He has the courage to speak the truth, so he does dares to offend, although that is not his goal. He understands that those who are offended by the truth, choose to be offended, because they are not strong enough to handle the truth.

Don't allow the weakness of others' to cause you to think dishonestly. Don't allow those who are offended by the truth, to cause you to quit be honest and truthful. Don't lower your standards for those who refuse to raise their own. Warriors live their lives their way, regardless of the opinions of others. Warrior up and be honest, courageous, and stand tall. Bohdi Sanders ~ author of the award-winning best seller, MODERN BUSHIDO:

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