Monday, 1 June 2015

Men of truth


Describe this pic in not more than 30 words - My line is: "When there is darkness all over, the men of truth have to arise and be a source of consolation."

Are you a man/woman of truth? Nobody is perfect but to be one you need to be a lover of Islam and be passionate about it thus trying to strive in the way of ALLAH (swt). You need to feel the pain of the suffering of the Muslim Ummah since they are the most oppressed right now in the world. Needless to say, we should not neglect any injustice done to any human being or group either (whether Muslim or Non-Muslim) but again all of us can see the atrocities against the Muslim world. There are groups funded within the Muslim world against us and we put all blame on the Muslims. The funded groups who kill innocent people have no religion as Islam strong condemns such actions. 

But be a good follower and learn from different authentic sources, proper Islamic scholars as well as sincere secular intellectuals who nevertheless still carry some truth in their hearts. May ALLAH (swt) be with you!

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