Friday, 1 July 2016

Celebrities of Pakistan & Islamic rulings

Celebrities of Pakistan and some established Islamic rulings
Celebrities have no religion. They would do anything for money - even go to India and play indecent roles just for cheap fame and quick money. Not caring that India has blocked Pakistani channels. And then they love to raise questions on religious issues just to tamper with established Islamic rulings and to earn following among Pakistanis who hate Islam. 

We cannot deny that there might be good individuals in showbiz but overall it's a pathetic situation compared to days when there was only PTV and there were decent values.

It is true that only Almighty ALLAH will judge us on Judgement Day. He may even forgive a very sinful person and punish a seemingly religious person. However, we are told to try to observe Islam as a complete code of life. Islam is not just about saying "Ma sha ALLAH" or "in sha ALLAH". Islam is not just about celebrating the joys of Eid but involves some strict limits also which no Muslim should cross. And if these limits are crossed, then it means one has put his "faith" or emaan at risk.

Hence, a Muslim needs to be very careful about voicing strong opinions or raising questions on some  established Islamic rulings in front of camera especially if one has limited knowledge and carries a lifestyle that is too opposed to the code of Islam. There could be forgiveness for ignorance in some cases in hereafter but we really don't know if there is forgiveness for arrogant and pompous show by someone who tries to challenge an accepted and basic Islamic belief.

May Almighty guide us and protect us - Aameen.

- by S Roman Ahsan.

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