Saturday, 16 July 2016

Who Killed Qandeel Baloch?



Who killed Qandeel Baloch? Without any doubt, PAKISTANI MEDIA is responsible for her death. They paid undue attention to her every move and glorified her beyond need, just for cheap gossip and to increase their rating. Otherwise, Qandeel was a very ordinary and useless person for Pakistan, and did not deserve to be given so much coverage. But Pakistani Media is cheap media and has no code of ethics. They say her brother killed her. Maybe he got infuriated when he saw whole of Pakistan talking about her sister. He had no right to kill her but we should not forgive Pakistani Media.

Why should I feel sorry for Qandeel Baloch's death? She deserved it or not but she HERSELF INVITED IT with her stray ways. This is not a usual case of honour killing but involves much more than that. Why was she posing herself as a very modern girl fooling the people when in fact she was from a village and then doing shameful videos? Do you appreciate when someone spreads obscenity like that in Pakistan?

No Pakistani girl has behaved like her before in this manner. We should not speak ill of her because she has now passed away but Pakistanis should be careful about promoting and supporting such false people. Our Godless media like some of our leading English newspapers are doing post after post on Facebook on her (in a bid to glorify her and present her as a role model) ever since her death but they have not covered any news on daughter of Pakistan Aafia Siddiqui since long who is suffering in prison on false charges in USA.

We pray that the Almighty grants pardon to her in the hereafter. Still, there are some harsh realities we should address that she was never a role model for Pakistanis, rather far from it. Pakistani Media should abstain from presenting her as a role model and should work on its weaknesses (and evil).

Islamic philosophy tells us that everyone is responsible for his/her deeds in afterlife. If one tried to live this life by observing ALLAH’s commandments with sincerity of heart and was quick in repenting for one’s sins before ALLAH and then reorienting his/her ways in line with His commandments, then there is much hope for his/her salvation in afterlife. However, if one was openly violating commandments of ALLAH in this life and did not repent for his/her wrong deeds before death, then he/she will be punished severely in afterlife.

Lastly, only our Creator reserves the right to forgive and punish anyone in afterlife. May He have mercy on this girl and pardon her – Aameen.

- by S Roman Ahsan.